Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) — Chicago MSDC (NMSDC Regional Affiliate) 2019

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How Has Social Media Changed Employee Recruitment?

Social media has changed the face of just about every industry, including recruiting. The younger the candidate, the less likely they are to even remember the days of snail mailing resumes in response to classified ads. As business executives seek the best possible person for their current opportunity, they’ll need to consider how social media […]

Do You Hire for Skills, Cultural Fit or Drive?

When seeking to fill current open positions or add new employees to your growing supply chain staff, most managers seek candidates with a proven set of skills. But are skills the only focus to consider when hiring for your supply chain organization? Certainly there is a minimum level of experience required, but the professional Supply […]

The Heart of it All: Supply Chain is the Center of All Great Companies

Answer this question: What is your company’s greatest asset? Most likely you answered your employees and you’d be right. People buy from those they like and trust and consumers connect or disconnect with a product or service based on the people they encounter. Of those people within your organization; which department is the highest on […]

LinkedIn – How Do You Utilize the Network?

As Supply Chain Recruiting professionals, we find that making connections and building relationships via LinkedIn is a vitally important business networking tool. However, in light of the recent undoing of LinkedIn member, Kelly Blazek, you have to wonder how others view this business tool. Allegedly, Kelly Blazek got power hungry with her 1,000+ connections and […]

Retaining Top Supply Chain Talent in 2014

We’ve all heard the story about the employee who goes on a coffee break and never returns. Whether it is stress related, job dissatisfaction or just a general lack of responsibility, there is no single answer to the actions of some employees. However, there are some things that as managers and business owners, you can […]