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How Has Social Media Changed Employee Recruitment?

Social mediaSocial media has changed the face of just about every industry, including recruiting.

The younger the candidate, the less likely they are to even remember the days of snail mailing resumes in response to classified ads.

As business executives seek the best possible person for their current opportunity, they’ll need to consider how social media can assist in the process. Certainly we’re all familiar with LinkedIn. However, did you know that only 36% of job seekers are actually active on LinkedIn, while 40% are active on Twitter and a whopping 83% are active on Facebook.1

What Changes are Necessary?

The recruiting specialists of CreativeSourcing, Inc., a Sales and Supply Chain Recruitment firm based in Chicago, have been exploring the effectiveness of social media and incorporating a variety of strategies in their recruitment process.

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How to Ask for a Raise… and Get It!

It’s time. You look yourself in the mirror and know it’s time to have that conversation with your boss. You give yourself a little pep talk, “You can do this. You deserve this. It’s long overdue.”


Sufficiently fortified, you walk into your boss’s office and say,

“I want a raise.”

Your boss, ever the jokester, looks back and says,

“And I want to be 20 pounds thinner, get back to work.”

You slink back to your desk, wondering what I could have done or said differently to get that raise.

The recruiting specialists at CreativeSourcing work every day with the very bosses you’re trying to convince. We have in-depth conversations about compensation, pay vs. worth, longevity vs. results and we know quite a bit about their thought processes. It’s with that experience we offer some suggestions:

1. Do a Little Research

The first step in preparing for this important conversation is to do a little research on the company’s current financial position.  Is the company in the financial position to offer a raise? Has the sales team hit or missed their quarterly goals? Is the stock price, for a publically traded company, on the down side or moving up?

Bottom line, if the company is having a challenging year, whether you are due a raise or not, your boss may have their hands tied. If the money isn’t there to give, chances are pretty good you’re not going to get it.

Also, make sure you take time to run salary comparisons to counterparts in similar companies. You may feel you deserve a raise, but if you are already making more than your competition you may have a difficult time selling your point of view.

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Has LinkedIn Hurt Your Employee Retention Rate?

LinkedIn can also be the source for “employee poaching,” say some business owners. Is it true for your company and if so, what can you do to reduce employee turnover?

Office layout

First, we should recognize that companies have been enticing employees to leave since the beginning of time. Whether it has been a passing of a business card and a whispered, “call me, I might have a position you’d be interested in” or a not so subtle calling of the competition’s top management to see if they would be open to a move; poaching is just part of business.

True, LinkedIn has made the process a little easier, but that doesn’t mean that the problem began with the social network. If an employee is unfulfilled in their current position, it won’t matter how they are contacted.

So the bigger question is how to ensure your employees are loyal to your organization?

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Top 6 Reasons Supply Chain Professionals Leave Their Positions

Quitting your job

Get me outta here!

There is nothing more frustrating than finally having the right team in place only to have your top producer give notice.

How many times have we had a client call one of our supply chain recruiting specialists at CreativeSourcing saying,

“I feel like I am just training people for the competition.”

As a department manager, it can be a fine line to navigate. Just how much time, money and effort do you invest in an employee if they’re only going to leave? The key is to understand what their motivating factors are and ensure that each person on your team feels like a valuable cog in the corporate wheel.

Over the years, the recruiters at CreativeSourcing have had countless candidate interviews and in the process have heard plenty of reasons for leaving. The following are just some of the reasons, in no special order that business leaders should be aware of: Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 Reasons Candidates Blow Interviews

Even in the best of economies, snagging a prime interview for the perfect position is a rarity. Imagine how frustrating it would be to finally land that in-person meeting only to “blow” the opportunity because of something that could have been prevented.

Interview nerves

Interview nerves

The recruiting professionals of CreativeSourcing have your back! We’ve put together a list of basic “don’t” items and then we’ll focus on the top five things that can negatively impact your employment chances.

Let’s start with the basic “don’t!” list:

  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t have a limp handshake
  • Don’t smell – wearing too much cologne/perfume, cigarettes, etc.
  • Don’t leave your cell phone on
  • Don’t space out in the interview – get your beauty sleep
  • Don’t interrupt or use inappropriate language
  • Don’t ask how many days off you get… just don‘t

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