Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) — Chicago MSDC (NMSDC Regional Affiliate) 2019

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‘Supply Chain Recruiting’ Archive

Finding the Perfect Job Can Require Teamwork

5 Reasons for Using a Professional Recruitment Firm The Internet has changed the job search process just over the last 5 years. Sites like Monster, LinkedIn and Indeed offer listings of positions by location, skill requirements and experience. However, are those sites really showing you all the best available career opportunities? Consumers do business with […]

Do You Hire for Skills, Cultural Fit or Drive?

When seeking to fill current open positions or add new employees to your growing supply chain staff, most managers seek candidates with a proven set of skills. But are skills the only focus to consider when hiring for your supply chain organization? Certainly there is a minimum level of experience required, but the professional Supply […]

Retaining Top Supply Chain Talent in 2014

We’ve all heard the story about the employee who goes on a coffee break and never returns. Whether it is stress related, job dissatisfaction or just a general lack of responsibility, there is no single answer to the actions of some employees. However, there are some things that as managers and business owners, you can […]

What’s the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain?

An organization is only as strong as their weakest link. Where are you vulnerable? The most valuable asset and therefore the most important link in an effective supply chain is your people. Having the wrong people in the wrong place is like the weakest link in a chain; it negatively impacts your success and ability […]

Expanding Your Candidate Pool

As your company’s hiring manager, know that CreativeSourcing Chicago shares your philosophy for hiring quality staff. As a professional Supply Chain Recruiter, we provide our clients with well trained, experienced supply chain candidates. We do this by using a process that includes maintaining long-term relationships with clients and candidates within our ever growing network. Now […]