Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) — Chicago MSDC (NMSDC Regional Affiliate) 2019

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Unlimited Vacation – Does it Really Work?

Netflix has recently been in the news for their new paternity leave policy which offers an unlimited amount of time off. They aren’t the only company offering a new approach to maternity/paternity and vacation time. In a recent Bloomberg News article, ten US companies were recognized for their generous and flexible paid time off for […]

Top 6 Reasons Supply Chain Professionals Leave Their Positions

There is nothing more frustrating than finally having the right team in place only to have your top producer give notice. How many times have we had a client call one of our supply chain recruiting specialists at CreativeSourcing saying, “I feel like I am just training people for the competition.” As a department manager, […]

How Loyal Is Your “C” Suite of Executives?

Just how loyal are the leaders of your organization? New research has come to light that would suggest… not very. Your C-Suite (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and more) are more likely than not to pursue a new opportunity should a head hunter come to call. As one of the top […]

4 Ways Employee Satisfaction Leads to Increased Productivity

As a business leader, one of the key measurements of success is the bottom line profitability. If there is money left at the end of the day – it’s a good day.  The 2 basic ways of increasing profitability are by: Increasing sales Reducing costs However, so often business owners overlook the most obvious solution […]

Why Use A Common Sense Approach to Staffing

What is your process for hiring qualified supply chain staff? Do your staffing efforts follow a simple step-by-step process that satisfies specific criteria for the open position? If so, you can improve time management, boost productivity and reduce office stress while searching for just the right supply chain employee. As Chicago supply chain and manufacturer […]